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“Meeting the needs of both patient’s and employer is often a fine balance but the patient’s health always takes priority. In the long run a healthy employee is the best asset any company can have.”
– Dr. Paz

Dr. Paz has been a licensed internist and occupational medical doctor in Colorado and Nebraska since 1992. As an internist he has additional education and training in the areas of injury assessment and care, and expertise with less-common injuries. With this additional training and expertise he is able to determine the complexity and condition of injuries and assess whether hospitalization is required. He is current with the latest treatments and procedures for all workplace injuries. Dr. Paz is a Level II Accredited Occupational Medicine Physician. He has helped thousands of workers recover and stay healthy.

Occupational Medicine of the Rockies consistently maintains a high satisfaction rating with Pinnacol Assurance and is a SelectNet Provider. The criteria used to rate clinics is extensive and requires accuracy in reports and diagnosis, attention to detail and communication in the follow through of each claim.


People We’ve Helped…

Mikaela I., pre-employment drug screen Michael C., 240 Union Restaurant DeeAnn P., City of Lakewood

I was very happy with the speed and the way I was treated at Occupational Medicine of the Rockies. They were friendly and got me through quickly.

As an owner of a restaurant, whenever we have a medical accident, Dr. Paz and his team at Occupational Medicine of the Rockies are the first to be called. Their response is immediate and the results excellent. The Occupational Medicine Team gets my staff back to work.


We have been with Occupational Medicine of the Rockies for over 10 years. They have been respectful and fair and responsive to our employees and to any special requests we have had.


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